Studio Petite Côte in Houston Texas

Fernando Garcia

Personal Trainer Certified


My name is Fernando Garcia. I am a certified GYROTONIC® Trainer. I have been working with the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM  over 11 years. I have trained extensively with renowned Master Trainers in the United States and abroad.  I am certified in the five pieces of GYROTONIC® SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT:  Archway, Leg Extension Unit, Jumping Stretching Board,  GYROTONER® and Ladder. Every piece of equipment plays a very unique way in complementing one another.  Also I have more specific applications using theGYROTONIC® Method as a foundation, Shoulder, Pelvic and Scoliosis as well as an GYROTONIC® Application for Dancers and GYROTONIC® Application for Golf. 

 I love teaching
GYROTONIC® exercise People are looking for a system that makes them more flexible and stronger. They are looking for something that challenges them, but at the same time something that is different. I think of GYROTONIC® exercise is a very smart way of exercise as there is always something neweveryday.  Our bodies keep evolving every day and what we might need today, may be completely different tomorrow.  
That is why I recommend 
GYROTONIC® ​exercise to everyone. In the beginning people might think that they are not working hard enough. But that is the beauty of GYROTONIC® exercise. People don’t need to work that hard to obtain the maximum benefits of the workout. What amazed me the most is to see people’s faces after their first session.  They look so much calmer and start moving with great ease.  With time the  GYROTONIC® exercise will increase your flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.  

The system can work as a cross training workout for most people, but also can be very rehabilitating for people that are coming with more specific needs.  Give the 
GYROTONIC® exercise  a try. You wont regret it!