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Why Try GYROTONIC ®!!  by Dr. Justine Branard...  <>
The body is designed to heal itself. You experienced this when you have a cut and you see the scab form and the skin heal, or maybe you have broken a bone and seen in an x-ray that it knits itself back together. Every time you catch a cold or fight a virus, you experience the healing ability of the body. The immune system jumps in to restore health. But you wouldn't rub dirt in your cut or share a cup with someone who has the flu if you are trying to heal. 
To keep your organism in sync and alive, breath and movement are essential. You intuitively know this; have you sat on an airplane or long car ride and when you finally get to stand up, you naturally stretch your arms and yawn? When Justine worked as a physical therapist in the hospital, the goal was to "get people up and out of bed." Getting up helped bowels move, encouraged better respiration, and decreased pain. Even soon after knee replacement surgery, we got CPM (continuous passive motion) machines on knees to get the joint moving. Movement is needed to improve digestion and respiration, nourish joints, and boost the immune system. 

kim cramer

Kim is from the Denver-Grand Lake area in the Rocky Mountains where she developed her sense of natural and healthy lifestyles. After attending college, Kim moved to Houston in 1980 and worked as a professional singer and percussionist before becoming interested in the teachings of Joseph Pilates’. She has since worked to develop her Pilates’ teaching style by studying different disciplines such as Yoga, GYROTONIC ®Method, 
Thai style stretch and massage and Eastern Philosophies. Kim’s emphatic teaching style focuses on learning to communicate with one’s body for self awareness and maximum health benefits. Kim also enjoys working with Seniors to correct mobility problems and to stay in motion!

Kim approaches teaching with the proper concepts of movement theory: proper movement initiation, integrating breath with movement and spinal integrity, equipping people with the necessary tools for a lifetime of fitness and wellness. Her goal is to get clients to get a good foundation for any activity, enhance athletic performance, prolong a healthy life and insure safer workout habits. She received her Pilates’ training under John Gossett at Pilates’ Concepts of Houston and is certified by the Physicalmind Institute. Trained in Yoga and Thai Massage with Thai Stretching techniques With Pichet Boonthume in Chang Mai, Thailand. Trained With Donna Place, Amy Ell, Juergen Bamburger and Miriam Barbosa and Jill Denison in theGYROTONIC® Method and GYROKINESIS ® Method, and Jump Stretch Board and Leg Extension Unit. 
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