Studio Petite Côte in Houston Texas

Please note that Stacy has moved to Austin Texas. Please contact her there if you would like to schedule an appointment with her. 


Stacy Élan

Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor
Certified Pilates Instructor
Certified Health Counselor
Stacy grew up in Northern New Jersey. In 1989 she moved to Texas to attend the
University of Houston where she graduated with a degree in Communications. She
started a personal fitness training business in 1997 and has pursued many types of
movement, massage and whole body health. She has instructed clients of all ages from
8 into the 80s including elite and college athletes, young ballet dancers, general fitness
enthusiasts, women pre and post-natal, those suffering from acute and chronic injuries
and clients with Parkinson's and MS.
Her background as a gymnast and dancer led to her interest in Pilates and
GYROTONIC®. Stacy began teaching Pilates in 1998 and received The PilateSystem
certification from Colleen Glenn in 2003.
She received her GYROTONIC® Level 1 certification from Juliu Horvath in 2005 and
has been trained in Level 2, Jumping-Stretching Board, Leg Extension Unit, Gyrotoner,
Ladder, GYROTONIC® for Golfers and in therapeutic applications. Her background in
various massage techniques including Nuad Boran, Thai Bodywork, has enhanced her
intuitive hands-on teaching style.
Stacy received Health Counseling certification from NYC's Institute for Integrative
Nutrition and Columbia University's Teachers College in 2008 and completed the IIN
Immersion Graduate program in 2009. She works with individuals and small groups on
their relationships with food, appropriate nutrition and exercise. She teaches cooking
classes and raw food classes, does kitchen organization and pantry raids and gives
health food store tours.