Studio Petite Côte in Houston Texas

Things that People ask me all the time about my Studio....

Where did you get those cool Ball Holders/Storage racks on the wall?

 For GYROTONIC® Equipment go to

Has everything you need to know and should answer any questions you might have as well.  Also can find other studios and teachers around the world there.

Where did you get those cool mats?

Which is Balanced body products

they are really cool and come with the hanger to hang them on the wall

The oils and the Difusers we have in the Studio are from

 If you would like to buy The oils, there is a certain sign up you do to get discounts by signing up under another user.

The Star Pillow was made by My Mother..

I used to make them to sell but I am currently out of business.  They are very special.  I will hopfully again one day start making them again..

The Thai Massage that I do I learned in Thailand.  I do not do many Massages any is a clothing on ...on a mat...on the floor type massaage.  Can be very deep or very relaxing.  Usually from 1 to 2 hours for massage.  A lot of stretching is involved. 

I do have a very good practitioner friend also  that I like to refer.  His name is Joe Hanlon and His Number is 713-665-2712

Louise Hay is one of my favorite inspirational writers Please Google her or look on Amazon for her work.  I have her inspirational Cards on the cubbies if you would like to pick one say it to yourself and believe in the words printed on them...Thoughts are things...that was said by Micheal Dooley another one of my Favorites 

More to come as I figure out how all this plays out.  And how I can inform you of interesting things I learn or want to share...